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K-Art Now in London!?

Since 2018, events such as artist talks and seminars by 4482[SASAPARI] have been held under the name 'K-Art Now'. This initiative started after the 4482-2018 exhibition titled "Butterfly Effect". The term 'K-Art Now' represents the current scene of contemporary art by Koreans in the UK. The purpose of these events was not only to showcase Korean artists' work through an annual exhibition but also to create a platform for discussing their works and fostering art networking opportunities.

London has recently witnessed an increased presence of Korean artists' artworks, exemplifying the significance of 'K-Art Now'. In June, we had the opportunity to visit four exhibitions showcasing the works of Korean artists. Soojin Kang's solo exhibition titled "To Be You, Whoever You Are" was hosted by Gathering London near Piccadilly Circus for a month until June. Additionally, the exhibition "Acquainted with the Night" featuring three Korean artists (Dongwook Suh, Ahnnlee Lee, and Yoonhee Choi) was displayed for two weeks in June at the Frieze Gallery, located near Green Park in Central London, organized by ONE AND J. Gallery from South Korea. Furthermore, Strike in Fitzrovia is currently hosting a solo show titled "A Wild Romance Surrounds Us" by Korean artist Bomi Kim until 9th July. Another duo exhibition titled "Blurred Traces" took place at J/M Gallery Space in the Potobello market for a week in June, featuring abstract artist Beom Jun and ceramic artist Mimi Jeong. This exhibition was organized by the Gallery M Platform.

It is delightful to observe a diverse range of Korean artists' works in London, and we eagerly anticipate further developments. In a way, this marks the beginning of K-Art in earnest. We are excited to witness how K-Art will establish itself in the UK and beyond, benefiting from the Korean Wave's influence, which encompasses areas such as K-Pop, K-Beauty, and K-Food, that are steadily captivating the UK.


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