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Bridging the gap between the diverse cultures of South Korea and the UK, 4482 [SASAPARI] desires to exploit creative ways in presenting artworks by emerging artists in the UK and South Korea. Represented by the symbolic figure of ‘4482’ (the combined dialing codes of the United Kingdom, 44, and South Korea, 82), we aim to promote, integrate and celebrate artistic communication between the two countries to the wider public. What started off as a Korean artists-led initiative in 2007, 4482 has flourished into a platform of opportunities for over 300 Korean artists working in the UK, to showcase the contemporary arts of Korea.

Starting from 2022, not only focusing on Korean artists in the UK, we aim to expand our collaborative work with overall emerging artists that are active in the UK as well as in South Korea.

Our new vision is to be a platform for emerging artists and related industry professionals where they can connect together to create a new scene for the art community.

Connecting People

Connecting artists and art-lovers

Continuing Time

Continuing the past into the present into the future

Combining Cultures

Combining and integrating cultures

Mission & Vision

4482 aims to be a dynamic part of today's transnational arts network by mediating border-less dialogue between contemporary art practices in the UK and Korea.

4482 strives to create opportunities for emerging Korean and non-Korean artists to be introduced to international audiences in the UK and Europe starting from exhibition in London, a key central hub for contemporary art.

4482 aspires to be a part of a network of new ideas and dialogues for art, and a platform where artists and the public can interact and communicate through various events.

4482 direction is to support its artists by creating and administering new art awards, and forming an artist collective that shows a diverse range of high quality work.

Our Team

Sujin Shin

Managing Director

Sujin Shin is a creative director of STORY iN DESIGN where for the past decade has accumulated a wealth of experience on wide range of projects including coordiating exhibitions, events, space, branding and web designs. 

She has been in charge of the operational running of all 4482 projects since 2017. 

Her other notable works include, design and operation of curriculums of various Art & Design education programs with Art & Design Universities, galleries and museums, and also working as a researcher and coordinator in Europe at the 2019 Gwangju Design Biennale.

Seoyoung Kim

Senior Curator

Seoyoung Kim joined the 4482 as senior curator in 2017. She has worked for various museums in the UK and US for 20 years, including her current post, curator of Kingston Museum. Seoyoung is also a member of the Museum and Gallery Advisory Group for the Stanley Picker Gallery and Dorich House Museum.

Geesun Hahn


Dr. Geesun Hahn, is a researcher specialising in Heritage and Museums in relation to Nation-building. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with artists, as a correspondent for the Monthly Art Magazine (월간미술), writing about art markets in the UK and Korea, and an artist coordinator. She is currently working as a Collector Development Executive at Gallery All and joined 4482 as a curator in 2022.

Hyeryoung Jun

Assistant Curator

Hyeryoung Jun is currently employed as an exhibition administrator at the Barbican Centre, specifically within the Barbican Immersive team. She plays a pivotal role in supporting the development and curation of exhibitions that travel internationally, with a focus on the intersection of contemporary culture, emerging technology, and digital creativity. Her educational background is in sculpture, and she holds an MA in Culture, Policy, and Management from City, University of London.

HaEun Nam

Commercial & Business Advisor

HaEun Nam is currently working as a Client Solutions Manager for Emerging Markets at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG). She has been serving as a bridge between various entities throughout her career. She holds MSc in International Public Policy from UCL. She also worked as a Partner Liaison with World Renew in Nicaragua.

Chai Hyeong Han

Business Assistant

Chai Hyeong Han joined the 4482 as a Business Assistant in 2022. Throughout her career, she has focused on fostering positive and constructive relationships between various organisations and people, both domestically and abroad. 

She worked as a docent at the Korean Cultural Centre, working to promote the cultural relationship between the UK and Korea. She graudated from LSE with an MSc in International Relations.


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