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[K-Art Now] After the first Artist Talk in 2023

On May 30 at the October Gallery, we successfully organised our first artist talk event of the year with Eunjung Seo Feleppa.

Eunjung displayed her incredible work and artistic vision. She is an expert in portraiture with a keen attention on capturing subtle emotions and the surrounding environment. During her talk, she focussed on how she strives for and is inspired by the nature of our existence, the so-called essence. It is the underlying theme that is woven throughout her entire creative journey, including her distinct artistic approach where she delves into the realms of both figurative and abstraction.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to delve into her creative journey, inspirations, methods, and artistic vision.

Hope you have also a simliar or another unique impression, whilst you are exploring her artwork on the instagram link below!


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