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Betty Kim

Betty Kim is an Illustrator & Animator who explores the narratives and stories of people; dealing with themes such as identity and human psychology through animations and illustrations. She likes to portray a sense of rawness and honesty in her work by conveying emotions through the use of colour and capturing a sense of movement through mark-making and rough pencil-like brush strokes.

Hyangsu “향수” 2, 2021, 2 mins,  Animated video

In this 2 minute animation, Betty provides a brief visual insight into her attempts in digesting the complex ‘roots’ of her Korean identity as a second generation British-Korean diaspora. The animation is based on a 40 minute conversation between Betty and her  best friend where they talk about their thoughts and experiences of: what it means to be ‘Korean’ and ‘British’, the idea of ‘home’, feelings of in-betweenness and wayfaring, how learning the Korean language provided a sense of connection to their heritage, what it feels like to live with the cultural differences between the two countries and how these experiences and concepts intertwine and manifest within to create a growing sense of acceptance and affinity towards her complex cultural identity.

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