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Joy Jo

Joy Jo is a contemporary artist, vocalist, and collector who does abstract painting, music, and media work.

‘Home’ is the work in collaboration with famous Korean R&B musician Ra.D, and the following lyrics were completed with the keywords ‘Home, I, space, universe, future, inspiration, life’. After hearing Ra.D’s sound sketch for the first time, Joy Jo completed the visual image first, and derived the final result with keywords extracted based on it. The planet where artistic inspiration never dries up means her and her space.


Beyond those days when Joy was suffering from longing for my own space, these days, she has several spaces where she can lay down her body and thoughts comfortably. Instead of anger and lack, gratitude and awe permeated the reconstructed mindscape.


According to astrologers, ‘The Era Of Wind’ is a period corresponding to the next 200 years from 2021, and unlike ‘The Era of Earth’ in which we were born and lived so far, fairness, equality, technology, and innovation will become the majority of concepts. Joy and the artists around her felt a great change along with blockchain and NFT, and many new opportunities were created in recent years. She tried to express this big change of flow with air and wind.


Home, 2022

1:04 sec

Video based on acrylic painting

Personal Space_Web.jpg

Personal Space, 2021

30 sec

Video based on acrylic painting

The Era Of Wind_web.jpg

The Era Of Wind, 2021

15 sec

Video based on acrylic painting

The surfing and surfer series worked while reminiscent of the constantly repeating waves. The movement of the surfer who rides the flow of a big wave by becoming one with the waves and waves are seen from afar is intuitively expressed.

The Surfing_web.jpg

A Surfer, 2022

606 x 727 mm, Arcylic on canvas

A Surfer_web.jpg

The Surfring, 2022

606 x 727 mm, Arcylic on canvas

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