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Jack Lee

Photographer Jack Lee attempts to pose questions and study about everything the public sees.


Diffusion, 2022, 1200 x 800 mm, Photography 


Diffusion, 2022, 1200 x 800 mm, Photography 

So far, the focus of Jack’s previous work has been on interpreting his surroundings. This is contrasting with his current work, where his main focus has been on internal reflection. It presents the way and the direction of dealing with the world, to discover and explore the rapidly changing modern society. Jack decided to name this direction and the attitude of his work as ‘Diffusion’. Perhaps, his ‘Diffusion’ may initially come across as relaying something which is beautiful and pleasant. But in fact, it represents the world filled with intricate intersecting layers of reality and alternate perspectives. This may represent a harsh and despairing reality with challenges for someone, but his vision was to show something different. 

Through his interpretation, he wish to unfold the beauty of our chaotic world. 

We all face the challenging reality in our day-to-day lives. Each to their own, we all solve these situations in our unique way. Some choose to endure on their own, and some may choose to drag themselves across the world filled with disarray, just to survive. However, if you can just discover a new perspective of recognising the subtle beauty of our lives, Jack believes that we will all be somewhat happier in living through this harsh world. 

Our world is filled with challenging issues. From Covid-19, Ukraine-Russia War, hiking interest rates to climate challenges, to name a few. Despite these challenges, Jack hope that through my perspective in “Diffusion”, viewers will be able to see the world in a warmer atmosphere like a ray of light through the clouds.

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