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Hanna ten Doornkaat

Hanna Ten Doornkaat is a mixed media artist who considers the relationship as a central to her practice but often moves to a between space, combining both painting and drawing in one or adding a 3D element to it. It is a dialogue between herself and the work which often pushes conventional boundaries of form, surface and framing.

Out of the frame 2021.jpeg

‘Out of the frame’ is another of ten Doornkaat’s play with the ‘between’. It’s a drawing but also at the same time a 3D object which had it’s focal point altered by ‘drawing’ the viewers attention to the edge and off centre.

Out of the Frame, 2021, 840 x 800 x 20 mm

Acrylic, ink, canvas, board and recycled stretcher frame

The title of the work ‘The ugly face of beauty’, which is typical for ten Doornkaat’s use of the most mundane possible materials, is a direct reference to the theory of the philosopher Imanuel Kant who in his book ‘Critique of Judgment’ sought to clarify what aesthetics meant. She tried to work out how to analyse beauty, as well as taste and the sublime. She concluded that there is no scientific rule for determining what beauty is, as it is subjective, and in the eye of the beholder.

The ugly face of beauty, 2022, 300 x 800 x 50 mm

Ink, recycled honeycomb krafts paper, stretcher and framed with museum glass

The ugly face of beauty 2022.jpeg
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