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Joy Jo

Joy Jo is an abstract expressionist based in Seoul. She studied Visual Communication Design at Hongik University, South Korea for her BFA, and received her MA illustration & Animation in Kingston University, London. She had number of international solo and group exhibitions. In 2021, she had a solo show at Far Beyond Gallery in Korea and a group show at Maison de Noël, Galerie IHAM, Paris.

Joy Jo also was invited to the Autumn-Winter Residency in Mecklenburg Inspiriert, Kühlungsborn, Germany 2011.


[About The Visual Art & Lyrics]

Humans exist on finite earth and have passed through the same space for many generations. Their traces seem to have disappeared at first glance, but in reality, they have created an invisible aura.

[About The Music]

"the solid beneath our feet, the bedwork for our every movement in life, the base upon which we build our structures, such was the building of this work. Layer by layer, back and forth towards movement and meaning. Pure experiment transformed to meaning". Recorded in Cubase 10, ESP BW-1, Neural DSP and custom made soundscapes.


Over the wreckage of the city that has been destroyed countless times.Again the splendid skyscrapers shine.

Under the pilgrim's path that has been polished straightThere's the forgotten cliff, and the lamentation and delight of all who passed here melts and flows.

That forgotten cliff, That forgotten cliff, beneath it.


Air, which changes minutely and maintains its temperature, and the wind that crosses the earth in an instant have the same properties, but function differently depending on whether they are “moving” and are sometimes considered to be completely unrelated. Our emotions and thoughts that stay and pass by for a day, or the fleeting crumbs that penetrate our hearts before they are even defined as emotions or thoughts, are like air and wind that permeate the entire earth.

For the second half of 2021, the materials I was focusing on are ‘air’ and ‘wind’. If there are any currents within a person, furthermore, in this world and times, I thought that air and wind are the best materials to express the reality of these things.

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