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Dongsuk Lee

Dongsuk Lee (Suk) is a Korean painter and VR artist who started working with a virtual brush in November 2018. Suk majored in Korean painting: ink wash painting and traditional Korean sceneries and nostalgic trees has been the artist’s main interest. Suk normally visits the place in personal at first to gather data, and after that, all of Suk’s art is created in virtual reality which allows her to become fully immersed in creating art with volume in three-dimensional space.

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This work depicts the scenery of Mt. Geumgang in Korea. This place has been popular with Korean painters since ancient times.

What painters used to paint in 2D, artist wanted to put in a 3D virtual space. Currently, South Koreans cannot go there. This is because Mt. Kumgang is located in North Korea. It is a place that cannot be visited offline, but she wanted to make it feel there in the digital space.

There is a hermitage in the mountain. It was built to connect with a cave in the cliff.

Dongsuk doesn't know why they built the building in such a dangerous place. However, she drew it while thinking of a monk training in such a place. And she imagined how beautiful the scenery around there would be.

The hermitage connected to the cave in the mountains seems to contain the spirit of a monk. She wanted to feel that feeling a little bit by creating that space in virtual reality.



Danyang boasts beautiful scenery. This place has been the subject of painters since ancient times.

There are several places where you can see great scenery, and she personally visited them and gathered the data. And she worked in a virtual space with a feeling of ink painting.

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