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Buffy Kimm

Buffy Kimm who is a painter and a mixed media artist focuses on experimental and mainly abstract, being split between works using paper as the main medium, etching and sculpture using found objects. Her background as a set designer has had a huge influence on my work. The skills of model making and technical drawing are evident in her pieces, and she finds inspiration through photography, particularly abstract detail in architecture, natural forms and textures. She uses these images as a starting point, abstracting shapes and playing with texture and scale until she has created something different and exciting. Buffy's work is both experimental and playful. 


Hayling Sands 2

This is an etching created during the lockdown. The etching process is a long and complicated one, involving a drawing, a metal plate, acid, ink, paper and an etching press. It depicts the ever changing sands on the sand bank at Hayling Island on the south coast. It is one of a limited edition of 20.

Discarded 6 Sculpture

This piece is made from found rusted metal and a rusted hoop from a small barrel. I am inspired by the textures created by the erosion of the metal, and have created this piece to play with light and shadow and negative and positive space.

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