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Betty Kim

Betty Kim is an Illustrator & Animator who explores the narratives and stories of people; dealing with themes such as identity and human psychology through animations and illustrations. She likes to portray a sense of rawness and honesty in her work by conveying emotions through the use of colour and capturing a sense of movement through mark-making and rough pencil-like brush strokes.


From fresh and exciting new beginnings to cold farewells, the landscape of our lives are constantly shaped by the relationships we encounter. This painting was part of a series of works called Relationships

Using the faces of characters in films and dramas, this series aimed to portray the emotional complexities of relationships that one encounters in day to day life: mother and son, lovers in the making, lovers drifting apart and teacher and student. With each piece acting as a window to the stories of the chosen characters, each in their own complex cultural or historical narrative contexts, the pieces are in essence, a collective expression capturing moments of hope and emotional connection between two people. 

Lovers in the Making (2022)

As she leans in for a kiss, a precious intimacy is birthed and blossoms through the skull of former heartaches and scars. The woman takes a leap in faith to, once again, believe in the power of love. A burst of courage. The piece was printed onto a warm but light cardboard material with the rough and fresh edges to represent the warm fuzziness of new love that also comes with the unfolding vulnerable nature of new relationships that can initially be awkward and rough. 

Past Lovers (2022)

In a past memory; her head rests on his, the warmth of her orange hair stands stark against a desert of blues. A moment of vulnerability. As the two fight to guard the memories of a fire that once kept the two lovers in a blanket of warmth, we witness the relics of a poignant wish, a past love.

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