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4482-2024 OPEN CALL

K-Women: Celebrating Korean Female Artists

4482 [SASAPARI], the art community platform bridging the UK and South Korea, is thrilled to announce an open call for artists in collaboration with the Kingston Museum for a new exhibition this November.


The exhibition aimes to shine a spotlight on the remarkable talent and diverse perspectives of Korean women artists. Explore their captivating artistic voices expressed through a variety of mediums – ceramics, sculptures, photographs, fabrics, paintings, and more.


We invite Korean female artists to submit their work. Do your artistic expressions explore displacement, settlement, and the ever-evolving journey of identity? We seek narratives that resonate with both personal experiences and wider societal themes. 


K-Women aims to unveil the profound beauty and depth that emerges from the intersection of displacement, settlement, and the unending quest for identity. The exhibition will explore themes of cultural dissonance, the search for belonging, and the resilience that fuels vibrant explorations of heritage and self-discovery.


Become part of this groundbreaking exhibition!

  • Open call deadline: 10pm, Tuesday 30th April 2024

  • Announcement of the artists selected: Tuesday 21st May 2024

  • Exhibition Dates: 22nd November 2024 ~ 8th March 2025

  • Exhibition Location: Kingston Museum, Wheatfield Way, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2PS


Submission is open to all!

The application is open to Korean female artist who is based in UK and South Korea. We ask maximum 3 artworks to enter. All entries must be original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant within the past three years. Works must be original works of art and not copies of works by other artists.


An application fee, £30 is applied per artist, and the team will review all applications and the selected work will be announced on 21st May 2024. 

How to apply

Submit the application form

*Artists can submit up to 3 completed pieces of work. If an artist's work is selected, we reserve the right to use images of the submitted artwork for promotional materials, both in print and on digital platforms.


Application fee: £30

  • Account Name: 4482SASAPARI

  • Short Code: 20-42-76

  • Accounts Number: 33878120

* The artists MUST mention their correct name as a reference when the payment is transferred.

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